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Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.

Crystallization of honey actually preserves the flavor and quality characteristics of your honey.

If your honey crystallizes, just place your bottle in hot water for about 20 minutes and the honey will become runny again!

Cinnamon Imbued Raw honey- 300gms

  • Cinnamon has cinamaldehyde giving its unique smell and flavour paired with star-anise which has anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties curing urinary tract infections. There are highly potent polyphenol antioxidants making this power-packed combo anti-inflammatory; Cuts the risk of heart disease and reduces insulin resistance and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. It reduces tooth decay and treats bad breath. Perfect for a good cuppa' cinnamon latte!

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