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Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.

Crystallization of honey actually preserves the flavor and quality characteristics of your honey.

If your honey crystallizes, just place your bottle in hot water for about 20 minutes and the honey will become runny again!

Harmony Honey Combo (Pack of 3)- Moringa Honey, Ghaf Honey, Kiawe Honey

₹2,700.00 Regular Price
₹2,250.00Sale Price
  • This is a combo pack of 3 jars. 


    1. Moringa Honey, 325gm (₹899)

    Better known as ‘Immunity Honey’ from the foothills of Kodaikanal, this is rich in Iron & helps retain Calcium in the body, solves fertility issues in both genders, helps with menopause mood swings, reduces Liver Fibrosis & has laxative effects hence helps with constipation.



    2. Kiawe Honey, 325gm (₹899)

    Sourced from Prosopis pallida tree in Nallamalla forest in Andhra & Telangana, this white textured honey is extremely rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds which prevents premature aging, very helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.



    3. Ghaf Honey, 325gm (₹899)

    Sacred to the Bishnoi community in Rajasthan, this honey comes from Ghaf also known as ‘The tree of Life’ found in the Great Indian Thar Desert. It helps reduce ulcers & other bacterial gastrointestinal disorders, burns & surgery wounds.

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