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We've formed a community of local Indian beekeepers who help us procure authentic bee produce (honey and other by products)  and we ensure that they use scientific & ethical methods of bee-farming and extraction by training them and supervising the whole process. And then also provide them a market by creating our own premium brand to avoid their exploitation by middlemen and also giving them their due credit. This initiative is aimed to bring the humble 'Indian Beekeeper', who has always been behind the curtains, into the limelight. And, in the process, encouraging more and more rural farmers to adopt beekeeping, not just as a supplementary source of income, but also to reap the benefits of bee farming & honey bees!

Meet the

Master Indian Beekeeper

Rajeev Agarwal, Founder

"All my life, I have always felt an inclination towards honey bees. And now, here I am!"

My only motive is to sensitize people towards bees and not drive them away. It's not unknown that honey bees are the key pollinators of our crops and without them, we'd all die of hunger! 

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