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I'm Karamveer.

I'm an Indian Beekeeper.

I migrate with my bees to the forests of Uttaranchal during the months of November-March to harvest the healthiest & the most delicious honey you'll ever taste!

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The Indian Beekeepers Farmers Partner Beekeeper

The honey in the bottle you're holding right now, comes from many such small farmers and beekeepers in different parts of India.

Honey extraction process steps raw honey hive to bottle





(Regular honey is pasteurised, processed and heated at high temperatures to make it look good, but remember, all that glitters is not gold!)

Our Honey is Unheated. This ensures all the goodness & nutritive value is intact!

Honey Bee The Indian Beekeepers Raw honey

By buying from us, you are promoting the local indian farmers & beekeepers. Our honey is ethically sourced, & straight from the beehives!
The harvesting process followed by our beekeepers is cruelty-free and helps protect bees, hence protecting human-kind. 

Thankyou for bee-lieving in us!

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