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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My honey has crystallized. Does it mean it is adulterated?
    Crystallization of honey is a natural process and only 100% natural honey will crystallize under sub 15 degrees temperature and can regain its form if placed in warm water or direct sunlight.
  • Why does the colour & taste of honey varies from bottle to bottle?
    Raw honey is the honey as it exists in the beehive and is directly packaged in bottles after straining but bypassing commercial precessing.Since honey is produced naturally inside beehives,its colour,texture and taste varies from lot to lot.Commercial process involves pasteurization,homogenization and micro filteration and ultimately output is only sugar without enzymes,antioxidants and beepollen.
  • Calories of raw honey is almost the same as table sugar. Does it make it unhealthy?
    Even though the calorific values are almost same the Glycemic Index of honey is lower than table sugar and does not increase your weight.
  • Can I use this honey in my skin/hair care DIYs?
    Yes, it's completely safe to use on skin/hair! Apart from being eaten as a food, raw honey is also good for skin and hair care. Since ages raw honey has been used to treat burns due to its ant inflammatory properties.
  • There are some suspended particles/impurities in my bottle of honey. Is it unhhygenic?
    Presence of any visible suspended particles in bottle are not impurities but are particles of beepollen,wax and propolis which in fact provide beneficial properties to honey. The regular honey brands found in the market, homogenise and pasteurise the honey which removes the good enzymes and beepollen/wax/propolis. However in our honey, all nutrients,vitamins & enzymes are intact!
  • A layer of milky white deposit can be seen on top of my honey. Has it gone bad?
    The milky white deposit is the wax from the honey which has settled and formed a layer on the top. Do not worry! This indicates the authenticity of your honey! Wax presence in raw honey contains carbohydrates and antioxidants and is extremely good for you!
  • My honey bottle is more than 24 months old. Has it expired/Is it unfit to consume?
    Unlike other edibles, raw honey never expires. It is because of only statutory requirement that “Best Before” is mentioned on our labels of raw honey. (Just make sure you keep it away from moisture!)
  • Can diabetics consume raw honey?
    Raw Honey contains natural sugar which has lower Glycemic Index (GI) as compared to regular table sugar and hence absolutely safe for Diabetics!
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